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Car parts & Braking systems


We will be happy to carry out a FREE brake inspection on your vehicle subject to booking, Please do not put yourself and your passengers at risk, lifes too short as it is. E-mail or call 020 8643 6175 for current deals on brake safety.

We are approved car brake safety centres with endorsements from Brembo and Ferodo, manufacturers of the braking parts supplied and fitted to a large number of vehicles on the production line. Their quality is second to none, we have installed Brembo and Ferodo braking parts for many years and can fully endorse the quality of these parts.

Together with their unique know-how in the manufacturing of braking systems for high performance vehicles, Brembo and Ferodo are able to guarantee top quality standards with the most advanced technological knowledge, making them world market leaders in their relitive sectors. Brembo and Ferodo are the natural choice for use in the most sophisticated sports vehicles and high-class saloon cars in the world. Their skills ensures an un-surpassable performance level in the best cars produced in Europe, the USA and Japan today.