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Servicing & Repairs

Car Repairs

Our workshop is able to undertake all aspects of repairs to your vehicle. We are equiped to repair most makes of vehicle and have a wealth of experience on all brands, After many years of repairing and servicing vehicles, we have learnt to stick with what we know, For this reason we only install trusted parts matching original equipment (O.E) specification from known manufacturers.

Some of our competitors may offer you a cheaper quote to repair your vehicle, this is usually due to the use of cheaper parts being installed that do not match the origional equipment specification. So we therefore advise all customers to question the quality before deciding on who you use to carry out the required repair, you only get what you pay for.


Your car will require several repairs over its lifetime, from the periodical servicing repairs to more specific problem repairs. We can help you with any repairs you need from the smallest upwards. Also the cost will vary depending on what repairs are needed. However because we have a huge range of high quality parts in stock, your repair cost with Cheam Motor Spares & Auto Services will be the lowest for miles around. It is always advised that a repair is done as soon as it is identified to avoid further problems developing which may lead to an even more expensive repair bill.

As we are experts in car diagnostics, we can identify any problem with your car and give you an honest advice on repairs. Furthermore we will offer you a FREE no obligation quote that is cheap and affordable. But we emphasize that we will use high quality replacements as specified by your car manufacturer and all our work are guaranteed. Your repairs will be done by an expert, who can also give you advice if needed.