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Servicing/Repairs & Air-con Services

Car Services & Air-con Re-Gassing

Our servicing department offers a wide selection of service options. We are able to carry out vehicle service programs five days a week with a convenient 8:30 am vehicle drop off. All of our service parts are ordered from the details obtained from your vehicles number plate and vehicle identification number plate (V.I.N. Plate) These are checked via the D.V.L.A.. web site to enable correct part ordering and prompt delivery. The system allows our technicians to plan the days work schedule and means that our express fit service can operate as efficiently as possible.

Manufacturers scheduled service details are printed from our computer software ensuring that your vehicle receives the service it requires.

This is necessary to meet the October 2003 Block Exemption Ruling. The ruling allows owners of vehicles still within a manufacturers warranty to choose who services their vehicle, whether it is serviced by a main dealer or by an independent garage like us without voiding the remaining warranty. This can allow huge savings over main dealer prices and the convenience of using the local garage. ( See Block Exemption Section)

Any vehicle that enters our workshops for servicing or general repairs will receive parts and consumables matching the original quality or of a better quality. It is our belief that parts of an insufficient quality, however cheaper they may be at the time will in time result in a costly replacement or further damage to other components.

Cam belts

Otherwise known as Timing belts, require replacement within manufacturer specified times. These belts, if not replaced can fail, causing catastrophic damage leading to engine reconstruction. We strongly advise, that if you do not know when your Cam belt requires renewal, ASK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, we will be happy to advise you.


Throughout a vehicle's lifetime, it is vital that it undergoes regular periodic servicing and maintenance. This is even more important for modern vehicles with engine management systems that ensure it is kept in tune throughout it's working life. Worn plugs, blocked filters, poor oil quality can affect your engine's performance and economy. Your vehicle consist of several mechanical parts and naturally these wear as you operate your vehicle. Servicing prevents excessive wears, breakdowns and more expensive repair costs. This means you drive a more reliable vehicle and you keep enjoy driving it.

Servicing at Cheam Motor & Auto Services

As we guarantee all the work we do on your vehicle, we are obligated to you to ensure that your vehicle is serviced by a professionally trained experienced personnel. All servicing are done to the highest standard using quality components and parts.

This does not mean expensive. We stock high quality parts from all the major suppliers so in most cases you'll get the lowest price for servicing for miles around. We have professionally trained staffs with lots of experience who will do the job expertly and correctly. You also get the benefit of getting advice that will help you take care of your vehicle better.